By law, students in kindergarten through third grade are required to receive classroom training on school bus safety and understand the competencies by the third week of school. Students in grades 4-10 must have school bus safety training and understand the competencies by the sixth week of school.

The competencies of school bus safety training are:

  • Transportation by school bus is a privilege and not a right

  • District policies for student conduct and school bus safety

  • Appropriate conduct while on the school bus

  • Danger zones around a school bus

  • Procedures for safely boarding and leaving a school bus

  • Procedures for safe street or road crossing

  • School bus evacuation and other emergency procedures

  • Appropriate training on the use of lap belts or lap and shoulder belts, if the district uses buses equipped with belts

PowerPoint files for student training:

Just for Fun Bus Safety Projects (PDF)

For more information, contact the Transportation Department at 763-753-7080.