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Help Your School by Applying for Educational Benefits Today!

All families with students in St. Francis Area Schools are strongly encouraged to complete an Application for Educational Benefits.

  1. Qualifying for Educational Benefits helps your family secure reduced high school athletic, activity, and preschool fees. The income thresholds are higher than in some programs, so many families are surprised to find they do qualify.
  2. The district could receive additional money for students, schools, and essential educational programs by completing an Application for Educational Benefits. Much of the teaching and learning funding for districts is based upon how many families qualify for Educational Benefits.
  3. Your family may be eligible for Pandemic Electronic Benefits Transfer (P-EBT). P-EBT is a federal temporary emergency nutrition benefit loaded onto electronic cards for families to purchase food.

Please don’t wait.

Apply Online

Apply by Filling Out a Paper Form 

The district needs you to apply for Educational Benefits today! Thank you for your continued support of St. Francis Area Schools.

If you have already received a direct certification letter or an approval letter, there is no need to apply again. Please contact or 763-753-7060 if you are unsure or if you have a changing financial situation.

Please note: due to a federal waiver, St. Francis Area Schools participates in a United States Department of Agriculture’s provision that supplies free first meals to all enrolled K-12 students during the 2021-22 school year.